Lube IT – Lubrication Program Management Software

The LUBE-IT training is a 4-hour course spread over 4 days in a one week period. Session topics range from the basic ins-and-outs, route planning and manpower efficiency, weekly work release with printouts, going paperless with Mobile Routes, and using reports and history to monitor consumption, assess KPIs and more.

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Lubecoach Pro – Program Development Tool

LubeCoach Pro is the most comprehensive Lubrication Program Development tool ever produced. This exciting and intelligent program efficiently organizes the multitude of detailed decisions needed to produce robust machine lubrication practices no matter how many different individuals perform the data collection input.

LubeCoach for Excel and Lube INTERVAL Calculation

The LubeCoach E is an excel-based (Visual Basic) computer program that follows the same principals as the original LubeCoach Circular Calculator and iOS application. LubeCoach improves lubrication practices and productivity and reduces maintenance costs in any industrial environment.

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Lubecoach Circular Calculators

Available individually or in a set of three, LubeCoach Circular Calculators can shorten the estimation exercise from hours to seconds. The power of quality and precision is literally at the fingertips of the planner and craftsman at the plant floor.