LubeCoach Pro

LubeCoach Pro

LubeCoach Pro is the most comprehensive Lubrication Program Development tool ever produced. This exciting and intelligent program efficiently organizes the detailed decisions needed to produce robust machine lubrication practices no matter how many individuals perform the data collection input.

LubeCoach Pro Provides:

  • User-friendly data collection
  • Customized rules-based functionality
  • Simple, accurate, consistent results

LubeCoach Pro gives you the knowledge of a professional lubrication specialist at a fraction of the cost of outside support.

LubeCoach Pro delivers a ‘finished’ lubrication program specification in various output formats, matching virtually any CMMS import format requirement.

LubeCoach Pro was designed to build Generation Systems LUBE-IT databases but is an excellent program development tool for any maintenance management software.

How It Works


Our consultant travel to your site on Monday and spend the next three days with you.


We establish reliability objectives as they relates to lubrication.


We build custom rules into the software so the program knows the proper output.


We train your team on data collection.


We assist your technicians so that they are proficient in entering data.

At the end of this effort, you will have an optimum, precise, and rigorous Lubrication Program that is custom-built for your facility.

Cost Effective

Before the release of LubeCoach Pro, if a customer needed expert advice and assistance in optimizing a lubrication program, several weeks of consulting time would be required with a price tag of tens to hundreds of thousands.

Now, LubeCoach Pro gives you the knowledge of a professional lubrication specialist at a small fraction of the cost of outside support.

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Lubrication Program Development

Improve lubrication work practices, planning, and management.

Benchmark Analysis

Focus and guide your lubrication improvement efforts.

Lubrication Practices Development

Define the work and create SOPs.


Linear Route Development

Create cost-effective and time saving lubrication routes.


Deploy scheduling system and balance routes.

Condition Monitoring Assessment

Create an effective feedback loop with condition monitoring.

Storage & Handling Improvements

Design and specify lubricant storage and handling.


Onsite training to ensure program success.

Fluid Forensics Oil Analysis

Take your oil analysis program to the next level.

PASS+ Exam Prep

Prepare for certification exams on your phone, tablet, or computer!

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