Machinery Lubrication Level I Training

MLT/MLA Level 1 Certification Prep Class

MLT I Training Course

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4-Day Training Course

About the Course

Machinery Lubrication Level I is an introductory course that lays the groundwork for lubrication best practices. It teaches students how to efficiently choose, store, filter, and apply lubricants and offers insights into oil analysis and sampling practices. This course is tailored for those seeking MLT I or MLA I certifications.

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MLT/MLA Level I Training Dates

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MLT/MLA Level 1 Training

Course Agenda

Program hours: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Precision Lubrication and Machine Management Strategies

  • Past, Current, and Future Maintenance Strategies
  • Machine Lubrication Practices for Each Strategy
  • The Concept of Precision Lubrication
  • The Role of Lubrication in Machine Reliability

Applied Tribology: The Science of Precision Lubrication

  • Friction, Motion, Lubrication, and Wear
  • Surface Interaction Modes – Sliding and Rolling
  • Surface Damage: Abrasive, Adhesive, Cavitation, Corrosion
  • Lubricants, Lubricant Films, and Surface Protection
  • The Stribeck Curve – Phase Changes

Lubricant Construction

  • Lubricant Categories
  • Base Oils
  • Additives
  • Thickeners

Performance Properties

  • Oil Performance Criteria
  • Grease Performance Criteria
  • Loss of Additive Performance

Lubricant Selection Practices

  • Element and Journal Bearings
  • Gearing and Gear Drives
  • Hydraulics
  • Wire Ropes and Chains
  • Gas and Diesel Engines

Lubricant Application – Grease

  • Dispensing Tools
  • Dispensing Metrics – Frequency and Volume
  • Grease Application Automation
  • Practice for Maintaining Automatic Systems
  • Route Construction, Scheduling, and Management

Lubrication Application – Oil

  • Oil Dispensing Tools

Lubricant Condition and Contamination Control

  • Sump Management: The Heart of Precision Lubrication
  • Types of Contaminants
  • Contaminant Exclusion
  • Contaminant Removal

Lubricant Storage and Handling

  • Lubricant Consolidation
  • Bulk and Packaged Product Receipt and Storage
  • In Plant Handling Management
  • Lubricant Handling Tools

Introduction to Oil Analysis

  • Lubricant Sampling Tools and Methods
  • Lubricant Properties Analysis
  • Solid Contaminant Analysis
  • Test Slate, Alarms and Limits Development

Course Formats

Public Training

Attend an In-person Event

Private On-site Courses

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Recorded Online Courses

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Course Instructors

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson

President and Principal Consultant

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

Senior Lubrication Engineer

Preparation for MLT I or MLA I Certification

Participating in this training can significantly enhance your preparations for the MLT I or MLA I certification test. It’s essential for all prospective certification candidates to register ahead of time with the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) to sit the examination. The ICML conducts certification tests online and after all public AMRRI training courses.

If you want to take the certification exam, please schedule with ICML here: Register for your ICML exam, or call the ICML at 918-259-2950. The price for certification is $275 and is paid directly to the ICML.

Lubrication Program Development

Improve lubrication work practices, planning, and management.

Benchmark Analysis

Focus and guide your lubrication improvement efforts.

Lubrication Practices Development

Define the work and create SOPs.


Linear Route Development

Create cost-effective and time saving lubrication routes.


Deploy scheduling system and balance routes.

Condition Monitoring Assessment

Create an effective feedback loop with condition monitoring.

Storage & Handling Improvements

Design and specify lubricant storage and handling.


Onsite training to ensure program success.

Fluid Forensics Oil Analysis

Take your oil analysis program to the next level.

PASS+ Exam Prep

Prepare for certification exams on your phone, tablet, or computer!

Course Formats

Public Training

Attend an In-person Event

Private On-site Courses

Bring Us to Your Facility or Other Venue

Recorded Online Courses

Learn at Your Own Pace


Lubrication Tracking and Management Software

Lube Coach Pro

Lubrication Development Tool

Bearing Lubrication Calculators

Quickly Calculate Bearing Lubrication Intervals

Precision Lubrication Magazine

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