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AMRRI introduces PASS+, a groundbreaking platform designed to help you prepare for certification exams. This versatile tool, accessible on your phone, tablet, or computer, provides you with practice exams and flashcards to aid in your studies.

Practice Makes Perfect

The practice exams in PASS+ simulate real-world certification exams, ensuring you are familiar with the question format, complexity, and time constraints. These exams allow you to test your knowledge, identify your strengths, and highlight areas that need further improvement. You’ll get instant feedback on your performance, allowing you to adjust your study plan and focus on areas you may have overlooked.

Boost Your Memory Retention with Flashcards

Studying for an exam can sometimes feel like filling a leaky bucket. No matter how much information you pour in, it drains out just as fast. That’s where the magic of flashcards comes in. PASS+ offers diverse interactive flashcards that reinforce your learning and improve information retention.

Unlike reading a textbook, flashcards engage ‘active recall.’ This method makes your brain work to retrieve information, strengthening the recall process and aiding in long-term retention. The repetitive nature of flashcards also employs the ‘spacing effect,’ a learning technique where information is studied in intervals over time, promoting better memorization.

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PASS+ is more than just a study tool. It’s a supportive community, a confidence booster, and a reliable companion in your journey towards achieving Machinery Lubrication and Oil Analysis certification. Equip yourself with PASS+ and transform how you learn, retain, and excel. Your success is our ultimate goal, and with PASS+, we make that journey more achievable and enjoyable.

Lubrication Program Development

Improve lubrication work practices, planning, and management.

Benchmark Analysis

Focus and guide your lubrication improvement efforts.

Lubrication Practices Development

Define the work and create SOPs.


Linear Route Development

Create cost-effective and time saving lubrication routes.


Deploy scheduling system and balance routes.

Condition Monitoring Assessment

Create an effective feedback loop with condition monitoring.

Storage & Handling Improvements

Design and specify lubricant storage and handling.


Onsite training to ensure program success.

Fluid Forensics Oil Analysis

Take your oil analysis program to the next level.

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