About AMRRI, Lubrication Engineering Specialists

Advanced Machine Reliability Resources Inc, (AMRRI) helps companies increase productivity and reduce costs through reliability centered lubrication practices.  AMRRI provides a comprehensive continuum of reliability services that allows our team to determine and address the client’s needs and help them reach dependable, repeatable capacity. AMRRI specializes in lubrication engineering, and machine reliability engineering. We work with companies around the world to help with machine lubrication training, MLT Certification, and machine reliability engineering.

AMRRI was founded in 2006 to assist manufacturers interested in improving machine performance and productivity. AMRRI uses a detailed program that assesses, plans, develops, implements and monitors a plant’s lubrication practices, all designed to increase machine productivity. AMRRI’s team of experienced and knowledgeable lubrication engineers utilize their hard-earned expertise to build lubrication programs that address the client’s real needs.

Each and every aspect of the AMRRI plan is designed to engineer improved reliability, productivity, and profitability.

Although AMRRI is based in Franklin, Tennessee, AMRRI trains and serves customers all over the world.  Some of our most recent clients are:

AMRRI Lubrication Engineering, Reliability Engineering, and MLT Training