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At Advanced Machine Reliability Resources Inc. (AMRRI), we set a new standard in industrial machine reliability.

Our primary focus is ensuring our customers achieve optimal productivity by reducing costs and maximizing machine efficiency.

We proudly serve domestic and international customers, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to improve machinery lifespan and reliability.

Our expertise extends broadly from machinery lubrication program engineering to extensive lubrication training practices. We understand that efficient machinery is the backbone of your business, and our services aim to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

We Are Your Partners in Machine Reliability

AMRRI’s extensive machinery reliability services allow us to determine and address your needs, helping you reach dependable, repeatable capacity. Our solutions support you at every stage of your machinery life cycle. We stand by you, partnering to build and maintain robust and resilient systems that withstand the test of time.





Machine Lubrication Development Program

Machinery Lubrication Program Development

AMRRI offers specialized on-site Machinery Lubrication Program Development and Optimization, tailored to meet each customer’s and plant’s unique needs, bolstering machine reliability and extending component life. This program includes precision in lubricant selection, replenishment frequency, volume, and lubricant condition control, all designed to enhance machine productivity and uptime.

Lubrication Benchmark Analysis

The Lubrication Benchmark Analysis is a five-day, comprehensive evaluation designed to enhance your lubrication program. This process includes gap analysis, financial impact review, and a strategic plan, each aiming to locate your current position, justify costs by calculating IRR and NPV, and map a way forward with prioritized recommendations.

Precision Lubrication Practices

Optimizing a lubrication program involves defining tasks based on Benchmark Analysis and enforcing thorough documentation to prevent damaging variability, especially when technicians lack recognized engineering standards. AMRRI helps refine existing procedures or integrate detailed precision lubrication practices into existing plans.


Lubrication Route Development

Linear Route Development, part of AMRRI’s lubrication program optimization, involves evaluating critical machines component by component to create the most efficient sequence and work routes. This process results in a cost-effective, time-saving, and documented route that enables long-lasting precision lubrication.

Lubrication Program Implementation

AMRRI will implement a comprehensive, precision-based lubrication program, leveraging a scheduling system designed to handle the complexities of extensive documentation and numerous routine tasks involved in maintaining numerous machines and components. Alongside this, we commit to extensive hands-on training for lubrication technicians, aiming to ensure the long-term effectiveness and reliability of the machine lubrication program.

Condition Monitoring Assessment

AMRRI’s Fluid Forensics is a unique oil analysis program that bases its testing methods and frequencies on equipment importance, failure modes, and the customer’s reliability goals. This results in a more effective and efficient system that minimizes missed opportunities and false alarms.

Engineered Lubricant Storage and Handling

Engineered Lubricant Storage and Handling involves designing systems to receive, store, and dispatch lubricants to maximize their quality and cleanliness, thereby preventing contamination. AMRRI’s lubrication engineers offer expert design and preparation services for both new lubrication system storage rooms and upgrades to existing spaces, ensuring safety, cleanliness, and organization in your facility.


While at your facility, AMRRI will provide 2-4 days of interactive and engaging, precision lubrication training that will greatly enhance the longevity of the practices of the program being established. The training will be tailored to your specific needs and provide MLT1 and MLA1 certification preparation to the attendees.

Fluid Forensics

AMRRI’s Fluid Forensics is not a traditional oil analysis program. It’s a more effective way to perform condition monitoring.

Education and Training Events

Why AMRRI Training?

AMRRI offers in-depth, stimulating, and interactive learning experiences that empower your maintenance staff to address the most challenging machine reliability concerns. We provide a variety of machine lubrication engineering training formats, including online, public, and private sessions to suit your needs best.

Multiple Course Levels

Comprehensive Course Manuals

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Lubrication Program Development

Improve lubrication work practices, planning, and management.

Benchmark Analysis

Focus and guide your lubrication improvement efforts.

Lubrication Practices Development

Define the work and create SOPs.


Linear Route Development

Create cost-effective and time saving lubrication routes.


Deploy scheduling system and balance routes.

Condition Monitoring Assessment

Create an effective feedback loop with condition monitoring.

Storage & Handling Improvements

Design and specify lubricant storage and handling.


Onsite training to ensure program success.

Fluid Forensics Oil Analysis

Take your oil analysis program to the next level.

PASS+ Exam Prep

Prepare for certification exams on your phone, tablet, or computer!

Course Formats

Public Training

Attend an In-person Event

Private On-site Courses

Bring Us to Your Facility or Other Venue

Recorded Online Courses

Learn at Your Own Pace


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