LubeCoach for Excel

The LubeCoach E is an excel-based (Visual Basic) computer program that follows the same principals as the original LubeCoach Circular Calculator and iOS application.  LubeCoach improves lubrication practices and productivity and reduces maintenance costs in any industrial environment.

The innovative and easy to use LubeCoach E includes:

  1. A bearing database
  2. A full array of variables to use for estimating bearing regrease frequencies and volumes.
  3. The ability to verify that the selected lubricant is a good choice.
  4. A way to tabulate and store results for future reference
  5. State of the art technology and control over lubrication practices at your fingertips.

Through a series of easy to use drop down menus detailing the bearing data, service factors and lubricant properties, LubeCoach E calculates and delivers the data and results to your screen.  The deliverables are:

  • Bearing required viscosity
  • Actual working viscosity (oil or grease)
  • Grease relubrication frequency
  • Grease relubrication amount (grams or ounces)
  • Verification of the selected lubricant’s fitness for use

Once the calculation is completed, LubeCoach users can capture and store the information in an archive for easy reference.

To see a power point presentation of how LubeCoach E works, click here
To see a video on LubeCoach E, click here.

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