Circular Calculators

Available individually or in a set of three, LubeCoach Circular Calculators can shorten the estimation exercise from hours to seconds. The power of quality and precision is literally at the fingertips of the planner and craftsman at the plant floor.

  • ball bearings
  • cylindrical bearings
  • spherical bearings

Below are two documents that provide instructions as well as the theory behind LubeCoach:

LubeCoach Instructions for Use

LubeCoach Volume and Frequency Recommendations

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LubeCoach Lubrication Program Calculators


LubeCoach Circular 3 – $99.99 Checkout
LubeCoach Bearing – $49.99 Checkout
LubeCoach Spherical – $49.99 Checkout
LubeCoach Cylindrical – $49.99 Checkout