Machine Lubricant Analyst Level II Training

Machine Lubricant Analyst Level II Training in San Diego, CA July 21-24, 2015

AMRRI, in partnership with SKF, is hosting a MLA Level II Course, July 21-24, 2015 at the SKF Condition Monitoring Center in San Diego, CA.

AMRRI’s 3-day MLAII  includes oil sampling, lubricant health, contamination measurement and control and wear debris monitoring analysis. Personnel attending this course will gain a high level of knowledge around evaluation of used oil samples. Included in this seminar is a hands-on workshop of lubricant analysis allowing the attendee to put newly learned knowledge into practice.   The MLA Level II exam is administered on Friday morning following the class through ICML. Registration for the exam can be done through ICML at or call in (918)-259-2950.

More information about the ICML Body of Knowledge can be found at the ICML website.

AMRRI is a leader in Machine Lubrication Technician and Machine Lubricant Analyst training and consistently get excellent pass rates and feedback. Our lubrication training is thorough, engaging and presented in an interactive method that helps your maintenance team tackle the toughest machine reliability issues.

Most recently, one manger said this: “We put three of our folks through your MLT1 web based training course a few months ago.  Among the man things they are doing with their new knowledge, the have been taking oil samples for analysis and review the results.  The team immediately found over a million dollars worth of gearboxes were at risk with low viscosity oil.  The class paid for itself, in days, with just that one facet of your training-thank you!

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