Condition Monitoring & Oil Analysis

condition monitoring condition based machine maintenance

Industrial machine lubricant analysis should be a cornerstone of any condition monitoring program or condition monitoring training program.

What is condition monitoring?

Condition monitoring (CM) is the process of monitoring a parameter of condition in machinery (such as vibration, temperature, etc.), in order to predict and /or identify a change that may indicate a fault or need for mechanical repair.

It is a very important component of predictive machinery maintenance.

AMRRI believes in a lubricant-based condition monitoring program that provides a sound return on investment. We are also leaders in condition monitoring training programs.

Our Oil Analysis Program

AMRRI’s condition monitoring program, Fluid Forensics, is not a traditional oil analysis program. Instead, the test slates, test frequencies, and targets are established based on equipment criticality, failure modes, and the customers’ reliability objectives. This helps to drive an effective and efficient program resulting in fewer missed opportunities and false alarms.

We provide condition monitoring management with a snapshot of the current cost of machine lubrication effectiveness and reliability engineering with the details to make corrective actions.  The evaluation and recommendations for each piece of equipment are very specific and allow the customer to achieve maximum benefits from the oil analysis program.

AMRRI’s Fluid Forensics takes conditioning monitoring and condition-based maintenance to the next level by evaluating machine health while operating with the chosen lubricant. Incorporating the test slates, test frequencies, and targets based on equipment criticality, failure modes, and the customers’ reliability objectives delivers the most effective and efficient program possible.

AMRRI can also assist with KPI monitoring and reporting which ensures that no action or problem machine/sample “slips through the cracks”.

Utilizing over 20 years of oil analysis experience, AMRRI offers multiple services that help create superior Condition Monitoring Programs:

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