Live Web Based Training Course

AMRRI’s Live web-based  training consists of 15-20 hours of live training and 5-10 hours of individual study time spread over a 5-10 day period.  Each day there will be a morning session followed by 30 minutes of individual study and an afternoon session followed by 30 minutes of individual study.

Our web-based program is designed for the person who would prefer not to be away from their responsibilities for an entire week but also has the flexibility in their work day that they can be in front of the computer for both the AM and PM sessions. This training is live and interactive so it may appeal to the person who likes to ask questions and interact with the instructor and other students. There is no travel or lodging costs associated with this training although the coordination of the ICML exam, if desired, is left up to the individual.

Participants will be provided with three sample text questions/answers that will help gauge their knowledge base.  Participants will need a computer to log into the video and audio of the training.

Week Prior to training:
Students will receive manual and pre-test at least one week prior to start of training
Students will perform a “technology check” on the Thursday prior to the start of the class at 10am CST.

One-Two Weeks of Training (Monday through Friday)
10:00pm  CST followed by 30 minutes of individual study
1:30pm CST followed by 30 minutes of individual study

2017 Class dates:
MLT Level II  February 27 – March 10
MLA Level II August 21-25

Cost: $1295 includes all training material.

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