Specialty Workshops

Industry Specific Training

AMRRI has partnered with MRG Corp in York, PA to create 5 industry specific workshops that will equip maintenance professionals and technicians with greater insight and know-how about precision machinery lubrication and its impact on machine reliability. Professionals and technicians alike, will gather for two days to tackle fundamental care and reliability improvement issues through laboratory time, classroom and hands-on training.

Industry Specific 2-day Workshops AMRRI Offers

Metals Industry

Cement and Mining

Pulp and Paper

Power Generation

Food, Pharma and BioMedical

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FREE One Day Building a Proactive Lubrication and Condition Monitoring Workshops

We are excited to offer complimentary, one-day Condition Monitoring Technology Workshops. We try to plan these throughout the year in various spots around the U.S. so keep an eye out and hopefully we’ll be in your backyard soon!

Building a Proactive Lubrication Program – 1 Day Technology Seminar – FREE

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