AMRRI offers a variety of specialty and industry specific training designed to meet the customer needs.

Hands-On Lubrication Training (Operator Based Care)
This Course can range from 1-3 days and contains a 50/50 mix of hands on and classroom training. The purpose of this course is to deliver foundational skills and knowledge to operators and lubrication technicians through a hands-on learning experience.

LUBE-IT Training
This training is designed to get you up and running with LUBE-IT and the technicians trained  to use it.  You may need a complete set up or a refresher course. Whatever you need, we can get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

Industry Specific Workshops
AMRRI has partnered with MRG Corp to bring you industry specific workshops that tackle fundamental care and reliability improvement issues through laboratory time, classroom and hands-on training. The goal for this event is to equip maintenance professionals and technicians with greater insight and know-how about precision machinery and lubrication and its impact on machine reliability. During these two day workshops, industry technicians and professionals will gather to share and learn best practices with the goal of delivering cost-saving solutions to the attendees and their companies.