LubeCoach iOS App

AMRRI’s LubeCoach iOS application is a full service application, containing over 2,000 bearings. It can improve lubrication practices, productivity, and reduce maintenance costs in any industrial environment.

Through a series of easy to use dropdown menus, the application calculates frequency, volume and a lubrication’s fitness for use. The LubeCoach features:

  1. A bearing database
  2. A full array of variables to use for estimating lubrication frequencies
  3. A way to tabulate and store results for future reference
  4. A way to send the results to others in the company with the touch of a button
  5. State of the art technology and control over lubrication practices at your fingertips

LubeCoach EM – There is also an Electric Motor (EM) version that can save tens of thousands of dollars in bearing related repairs for literally pennies per motor. This app will enable the user to quickly and clearly engineer electric motor lubrication requirements for the 85 most common motor bearings. It will give plant management rock-solid information for re-engineering the electric motor lubrication plan.
These iPhone apps are available at the app store.

LubeCoach iPhone App Screenshot - Lubrication Calculator

LubeCoach iPhone App Screenshot 2 - Lubrication Calculator