Course Registration – Below is a list of Training Dates for 2018

AMRRI is proud to offer training classes this year at multiple locations. Please look at the classes/workshop training dates listed below. As a reminder, if you don’t see a location that works for you, or your schedule, AMRRI offer’s online courses too. For additional information about online training, click here. 

MLT/MLA Level I Combo Class $1,295

Feb 26-Mar 1 Birmingham, AL
March 5-9 York, PA
June 18-21 Chicago, IL
Aug 6-9 York, PA
Sept 17-21 Cleveland, OH
Nov 12-15 Houston, TX

MLT Level II $1,395

July 9-12 St. Louis, MO
Nov 5-9 York, PA

MLA Level II $1,395
June 12-15 Atlanta, GA
Aug 21-23 York, PA

Online Courses  $995
MLT/MLA Level II Online
MLT Level II Online
MLA Level II Online

2 Day Specialty Workshops $995.00

AMRRI has partnered with MRG Corp to create 5 industry specific workshops that will equip maintenance professionals and technicians with greater insight and know-how about precision machinery lubrication and its impact on machine reliability. Professionals and technicians alike, will gather for two days to tackle fundamental care and reliability improvement issues through laboratory time, classroom and hands-on training.

Cement and Mining Workshop  March 13-14 York, PA
Power Generation Workshop  May 16-17 York, PA
Pulp and Paper Workshop  July 17-18 York, PA
Metals Industry Workshop  Sept 25-26 York, PA
Food Processing Workshop   Oct 31-Nov 1 York, PA

To register for any of the above training classes, or workshops, click here. For additional information about training, please contact Christie White.

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