The Benefits of Machine Mapping

The Benefits of Machine Mapping
The development of a route based lubrication program can often be greatly enhanced by mapping the facility’s equipment.  This is especially true for older plants where changes have not always been documented and kept current.

A machine location map should have enough detail that a route (linear sequence) can be devised from the map and then easily followed.  A map that contains machine asset numbers and descriptions can also be used to validate the CMMS and other equipment management systems.

Once the maps are produced and verified by knowledgeable facility personnel, then they can be also reviewed with the operators to determine what equipment is in use and what equipment is out of service.  This will help in building the program in the following ways:

  • Only actively lubricated equipment will be built into the lubrication route structure.
  • Time lost from verifying equipment downloaded from an inaccurate equipment database can be avoided.
  • Developing efficient route sequencing will be made easier.
  • New employees can use the maps to become familiar with the equipment locations more quickly.
  • Other disciplines that conduct routine evaluations in a route sequence can often benefit from the maps, i.e. vibration, thermography, ultrasonic energy, oil analysis and other condition monitoring techniques.

For a PDF of a sample machine map, click here.

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