AMRRI takes pride in the training classes offered. Our team strives to promote a greater awareness, and show the importance of lubrication in plant performance and reliability. Attendees leave with knowledge and practical information they can apply at their companies. Testimonials from class participants after each training, helps our team know what works, and what we can do better.

Don’t take our word for it though, read what students had to say from classes held in 2017:

“This course opened my eyes to a lot of misconceptions and easy best practices that could greatly enhance machine life and reliability.” Chris, Tulsa, OK

“Mike was a great instructor and kept the students involved with the right combination of course material, personality and breaks.” Keith, Houston, TX

“If you don’t have any key mechanical people from your organization attend this training, you are missing the boat.” Michael, Houston, TX

“Attending this course has been an eye opener on how I can do things differently and optimize how we can do things in our lube department.” Roy, Hibbing, MN

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