Strategic Oil Analysis: Instrument Based On-Site Lubricant Analysis

Strategic Oil Analysis: Instrument Based On-Site Lubricant Analysis
On-site oil analysis is a viable option for many plant environments. This plan requires careful planning and thorough consideration of the economic value. There are some definite benefits, specifically timeliness and the potential cost savings, but selecting the right instrument is key to the success of this method.

On-site testing is not for everyone. While there is potential for considerable cost savings, there is also potential for considerable cost increase. A detailed cost benefit analysis should be performed to determine the required break-even sample volume, which will determine what level of on-site analysis is right for your plant.

AMRRI can help you build optimum, precise and rigorous standards with our proven method of crafting reliability programs and predictive maintenance. We set up a reliability-centered lubrication program that is custom-built for your facility, and teach your team how to carry-out each element of the program, including oil analysis.

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