Spurlock Demonstrates AMRRI’s AI

Spurlock Demonstrates AMRRI's AIAMRRI will be demonstrating its Lubrication Program Development Tool, 
LubeCoach Pro at IMC on the following dates:
Tues, Dec 13  9-10 am Blue Heron B Room
Wed, Dec 14  9-10 am Blue Heron B Room
Thurs, Dec 15  9-10 am Blue Heron B Room

LubeCoach Pro creates well defined work practices by efficiently organizing the multitude of detailed decisions needed to produce robust machine lubrication practices no matter how many different individuals perform the data collection. The decision model is based on site specific reliability objectives in concert with best practices in Machine Lubrication. It truly is AI at its best!

For questions, contact Matt Spurlock at matt.spurlock@amrri.com

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