Simple Sensory Inspection Saves the Day

Simple Sensory Inspection Saves the Day

AMRRI is an acronym for Advanced Machine Reliability Resources, Inc. We specialize in very detailed lubrication practices development in accordance with precision lubrication practices as well as comprehensive oil analysis program development and management. Sometimes, locating a potentially catastrophic condition doesn’t require anything advanced at all… other than a good eye and solid initiative.

A newly hired and MLT certified lubrication technician was given the powerhouse as his primary area at a paper mill. While going through his first visual inspection rounds, he identifies what appears to be a gearbox that was struck by Cupid himself.

With the section of the powerhouse being shutdown, the MLT jumped into immediate action to get the pink fluid out of the gearbox. Upon draining the six gallons of something, the MLT then flushed with three gallons of fresh fluid prior to refilling the gearbox with new, freshly filtered ISO 220 gear oil.

Visual inspection of the oil sample suggests the viscosity is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than that of the required ISO 220 oil. While the source of the contamination has yet to be identified, it is obvious that this MLT’s quick thinking and immediate action certainly avoided a catastrophic situation.

The oil sample will be sent to the laboratory to determine the chemical make up of the sample so that appropriate long term corrective actions can be executed.

BTW- this particular MLT was one that was trained and certified through AMRRI’s training curriculum. Real Results, Real Reliability.