Optimize Grease Lubrication Practices, at Your Fingertips.

Optimize Grease Lubrication Practices, at Your Fingertips.FRANKLIN, Tennessee (October 10, 2013) – AMRRI (Advanced Machine Reliability Resources, Inc.) is pleased to announce the release of the full service LubeCoach app for the iPhone and iPad which can improve lubrication practices and productivity and reduce maintenance costs in any industrial environment.

The innovative and easy to use LubeCoach includes:

  1. A bearing database
  2. A full array of variables to use for estimating lubrication frequencies.
  3. A way to tabulate and store results for future reference
  4. A way to send the results to others in the company with the touch of a button.
  5. State of the art technology and control over lubrication practices at your fingertips.

How it works:
Through a series of easy to use drop down menus detailing the bearing data, service factors and oil properties, LubeCoach calculates and delivers the data and results to the email of your choice. The deliverables are.

  • Relubrication frequency.
  • Relubrication amount (grams or ounces)
  • Verification of the selected lubricant’s fitness for use

Once the calculation is completed, LubeCoach users can capture the information in an email for future use. LubeCoach also provides the means to archive the selections and their details for easy reference

“Following release of the innovative and highly popular LubeCoach Circular Calculator for bearing lubrication, our customers asked for help with even more bearings and we delivered said Mike Johnson, president and founder of AMRRI.“This technology will enable the user to quickly and accurately define how much relubrication care every bearing requires to maximize reliability. Many companies will be able to reduce lubrication cost by eliminating unnecessary trips with a grease gun, and still improve machine performance.”

The LubeCoach app is available through the Apple app store for $299.99. An electronic version of the LubeCoach is also available in an excel format for those who don’t have an Apple device.

For more information, please contact Christie White at 615-300-3090, email christie.white@precisionlubricaiton.com.

Advanced Machine Reliability Resources Inc, (AMRRI) helps companies increase productivity and reduce costs through improved machine lubrication practices. AMRRI provides a comprehensive continuum of reliability services that allows their team to determine and address the client’s needs and reach dependable, repeatable capacity.

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