More about Oil Analysis Benchmark

More about Oil Analysis BenchmarkThe first step of building or improving any oil analysis program begins with review and evaluation of current practices. At the end of the three-day benchmarking and analysis process, AMRRI will provide a document that illustrates the current operating level of the lubricant analysis program and defines practices that will improve the program.

AMRRI will provide specific and general recommendations and prioritization for program optimization.  Using this road map as a guide to achieving oil analysis excellence, the end user can arrive at the ROI desired, thereby increasing overall uptime, and creating confidence in the oil analysis program.

The areas of review include:

  • Laboratory Selection
  • Equipment Selection
  • Test Slate
  • Sampling & Test Frequency
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Driven Corrective Action
  • On site testing
  • Predictive Technology Integration
  • Alarm Development (Targets and Statistics)
  • Program Management

To Learn more about AMRRI’s benchmark analysis, contact Mike Johnson at or click here.


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