A blog post by Mike Johnson:

Machine lubrication engineering is an essential part of every company’s essential care program.  Thorough, accurate, efficient work plans for lubrication technicians represents the backbone for mechanical reliability success every bit as much as Precision Installation, Precision Alignment, and Precision Balancing.  The machine reliability engineering community  is increasingly warming to this maintenance function as it pursues every option for improving production system performance.

Interestingly enough, the machine lubrication function, often considered a necessary evil in the maintenance ranks, is one of the best possible options for cost reduction as well as, productivity improvement because of its pervasive influence on each and every rotating asset.  Manufacturers spend about 1% of their maintenance budget on lubricants (as a line item), but that sliver of cost directly impacts 35% of other maintenance budget (mechanical and overtime) cost categories.

Machine Lubrication’s across the board impact on rotating assets gives machine reliability engineering teams exceptional leverage and exceptional value from every dollar and every minute that they commit to improvements in this central part of machine essential care.

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