Lubrication Tech discovers unsuitable product

Lubrication Tech discovers unsuitable productPLSI lubrication technicians discover unsuitable product being used at a Paper Mill.

During a routine inspection at a papermill, PLSI (AMRRI Sister Company) technicians came across a container of compressor oil in an area that did not contain any compressors.  Upon further investigation it was determined that one of the pulping decker unit’s bull drive (worm gear) had been running hot and the motor was drawing abnormally high amps. The standard practice at the mill was to fill hot equipment with synthetic lubricants.  The mills lubrication technician grabbed the first jug of “synthetic” oil he came across and drained and filled the unit.

Fortunately the equipment had not run with the compressor oil in it yet.   The compressor oil has a viscosity of 46cSt. while the correct oil for the application is in the 460-680cSt.   The lubrication technicians from PLSI continued to dig into the issue to determine the initial cause of the equipment generating excess heat.  It was discovered that the normal oil for the application used by the mills lubricators was a mineral oil based, 680 cSt, extreme pressure additive oil.  During talks with the mechanics, is was uncovered that the oil, after being in service, was getting thick and becoming somewhat sludgy.  The cause was determined to be the EP additive in the oil breaking down the brass in the equipment and causing the oil to heat up and further degrade.

The lubrication team from PLSI was not only able to identify an issue that would have caused immediate damage to the equipment, but also replaced the oil in like equipment that was causing the initial issue with the correct oil already at the plant.

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