Lubrication Management: The Next 10 Years

Our panel of experts looks at corporate culture, emerging technologies and why time equals money when it comes to machine maintenance. This roundtable discussion is a collection of thoughts from key managers within steel, paper, chemical and services businesses. We asked them to briefly survey the last 10 years and think forward about the changes that may occur in the next 10. Managers in this discussion are close to the trenches, each sharing significant experience promoting change and improvement in their respective endeavors. 

Read what they have to say and let it spark change and improvement in your reliability program.A few thought provoking quotes from the article….

“Good is the enemy of great. Thinking we are good means we overlook opportunities to improve things that would make us great.”  Charlie Fast

“There is nothing more dangerous to equipment reliability than an untrained lubrication technician.”
Matt Spurlock

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