Hands-On Lubrication Technician Workshop

The purpose for this course is to give operators and lubrication technicians the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to be effective in performing required lubrication tasks.   

During the last 15 years of delivering ‘Best Practices…” and “ICML MLT Certification” training courses we have received generous feedback that the MLA/MLT level 1 course was too advanced for many of our customer lubrication technicians, followed with requests for a more basic, “Hands On” practical instruction class.  This course is intended to deliver that foundational ‘best practice’ practical instruction, with the purpose of equipping operators and lube techs with the necessary skills and knowledge to properly fulfill their required tasks.  This course will establish a strong foundation that plant personnel will have for further knowledge and skills development, leading to the ICML certification series.

The course provides a 50/50 mix of classroom instruction and hands-on practical application of the instructional material over a 3-day period. The approach will be to introduce a concept or practice followed by a practical demonstration by the instructor, which is then followed by student practice and demonstration of mastery of the concept or practice.

Given the ‘hands on’ nature, the hosting site will be asked to assemble several specific items for demonstration in a convenient, useful instructional environment.  The instructor would arrive at the location at least a day in advance to review the setup, and make adjustments to prepare for practical demonstration activities. 

For more information, contact Mike Johnson at 615-771-6030

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