First Step To Improved Reliability

First Step To Improved Reliability
“Advanced Machine Reliability Resources, Inc (AMRRI) spent the week prior to the holiday break reviewing lubrication and oil analysis practices in multiple industries. In order to ensure that AMRRI is always aware of current challenges that end users face, company president, Mike Johnson, and operations vice president, Matt Spurlock, take the lead in performing benchmark and gap analysis reviews.

During the week of December 15, 2014, Spurlock was able to develop a path for improvement for a three-unit coal fired power plant. A key component for this improvement initiative is focused on training for operations and mechanics alike. Some of these personnel will be attending the public lubrication training seminars presented by AMRRI and hosted by SKF.

During the same week, Johnson’s benchmark and gap analysis revealed a difference set of strengths and weaknesses.  The refinery had achieved substantial quality in the handling and storage of lubricants, and in the documentation around the scheduling and execution of routine practices but still exhibited some weakness in the timeliness of the scheduled inspections and replenishment.

Although Machine lubrication program implementation has a common set of requirements and even with identical needs repeated plant site after plant site, the degree of completeness and effectiveness differs greatly from site to site.

For a true third party review of your lubrication and oil analysis programs, feel free to contact AMRRI at 615-771-6030.

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