Don’t get caught, “Grease is not just Grease”

Don't get caught,
A PSLI technician found high speed fan and blower bearings were having overheating issues.  Is was discovered that the mills practice with these bearings was to apply “synthetic” grease.  In this case it was a lithium complex thickened grease with a SHC 460 base oil.  Unfortunately, the mill didn’t actually have any grease on site that would work with the bearing in their fans, blowers or grease lubricated pumps. The idea at the mill was “grease is grease” and synthetic must be good, whether it was the correct lubricant for the application or not.  PLSI lubrication technicians contacted the mills lubricant supplier and worked with the mills purchasing department to insure that the correct grease was delivered to the mill.

Synthetics can be a great alternative if properly selected and all perimeters are evaluated.

PLSI is a sister company of AMRRI that provides contract lubrication services and training and employs AMRRI’s precision lubrication methods and strategies.

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