Companies are Demanding Lubrication Certification

Companies are Demanding Lubrication Certification

There have been plenty of stories of Lubrication Technicians receiving higher pay for achieving some level of certification. Now comes a story of full fledged certification requirement. A company recently hosted a private training seminar for a new team of lubrication technicians where certification is mandatory. AMRRI’s Matt Spurlock delivered in-depth training over a span of three weeks that covered machine lubrication and oil analysis. The training included field exercises that taught the attendees exactly how to design for precision lubrication, how to specify contamination control hardware improvements, and how to set equipment for optimized oil sample collection.

According to Spurlock, “AMRRI’s training philosophy is such that we believe certification to be vital for career progression and it helps to ensure that current and future Lube Technicians are armed with the information they need to improve equipment reliability. Given our experience in the lab as well as actual field experience, we prepare our attendees to be confident in their ability to achieve certification as well as their ability to have a positive impact to equipment uptime immediately”.

With a 93% pass rate for the training session, the plant is ready to design, implement, and execute precision lubrication.

Feel free to contact Matt Spurlock for machinery lubrication and/or oil analysis training. AMRRI has multiple sessions scheduled for 2015 at state of the art training facilities throughout the US and Canada. Alternatively, AMRRI can come to your facility to assist all levels of your team in understanding and realizing the benefits of precision lubrication.

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