Check the logic of your PM’s

Lubrication PM’s that instruct technicians to grease machines are based on schedules that are often plucked from the mind of a lubricant product supplier in distant memory.  As it turns out, many of these PM’s are set at frequencies that have little to nothing to do with machine needs.  

Check the logic of your regrease intervals: As the nDm (n= shaft speed, Dm = mean diameter) rises, the interval should be more frequent, and as nDm falls intervals are extended.  
As the bearing speed and contamination load (heat, moisture, water, solids, vibration) rises the length between visits must degrease. As speed drops, or cleanliness improves, the length between visits should be less frequent.

For more information, read the attached white paper regarding lubricant selection, application adn replenishment. 

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