Auburn University to Host Tribology Symposium and Expo

Auburn University to Host Tribology Symposium and ExpoAuburn University is hosting the 2015 Tribology and Lubrication Science Minor Symposium and Expo on April 9th, 2015. Auburn established the nation’s first multidisciplinary Minor in Tribology. 

Tribology is the technological basis behind everything that we do at AMRRI to help customers preserve machine health through Reliability Centered Lubrication.  


As a participating member of the Board of Advisors for the Minor, and as a sponsor for the upcoming open house, please allow me to invite you to visit Auburn University this April to review our multi-discipline program, to meet the participating students, and to learn about how this program may serve your long term company interests. 

For more information about AMRRI’s sponsorship of this program or if you would like to connect with Mike Johnson, please email him at

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