AMRRI Sister Company Supports Outage

Precision Lubrication Practices

AMRRI Sister Company Supports OutageA paper mill in Georgia made significant plans for lubrication work during the December machine outage. To support this effort, PLSI deployed a team of lubrication professionals to execute a backlog of required lubrication tasks.
During this time, PLSI personnel were able to identify and correct many cases where if left unattended, would have certainly resulted in failures. These cases include:

  • Plugged constant level oilers
  • Misapplication of lubricants
  • Oil supply disruption to multiple dryer bearings
  • Inadequate selection and placement of component breathers

Matt Spurlock, VP of Operations, attended the outage. Spurlock stated, “Our job isn’t to just simply perform the scheduled lubrication tasks. We are here to help make the plant run better, more efficiently, and more reliably. Properly lubricated equipment will inherently increase overall plant production and result in a better bottom line.”
PLSI is a contract lubrication company headquartered in Franklin, TN.”

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