AMRRI offers Online Machine Lubrication Training

AMRRI offers Online Machine Lubrication Training
AMRRI’s online training is a self-paced learning option that teaches machine lubrication and oil analysis principles and prepares students for the MLT or MLA Level 1 exam. There are 20 video segments that range in length from 35-50 minutes and cover the entire MLT and MLA body of knowledge that the student will watch as they follow along in the training manual. There is a suggested review of each segment in questions/answer format that will reinforce the concepts taught during the video segents.
Our online class is designed for the self-motivated, self disciplined person that wants to achieve greater learning and /or certification while keeping their own schedule.  There is no travel and lodging costs associate with this training although the coordination of the ICML exam, if desired, is left up to the individual.
Participants will receive three sample test/answers that will help them gauge their knowledge.  A computer or electronic device to watch the video segments will be needed.

Questions should be directed to Christie White at
Online training opens May 1, 2015.  Register here.
Training manual will be shipped out within 24 hours of registration and payment.
Participant has access to the video segments for 1 year.
Cost: $995

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