AMRRI Launches LubeCoach Pro

AMRRI Launches LubeCoach Pro
Advanced Machine Reliability Resources, Inc (AMRRI) unveiled their LubeCoach Pro lubrication task optimization software on Friday, July 22, 2016.   The development team was led by Matt Spurlock, AMRRI’s VP of Operations and Technology. 

LubeCoach Pro gives the end user the knowledge of a professional lubrication specialist at a fraction of the cost.  LubeCoach Pro is user friendly and makes data collection simple and consistent for every scheduling system.  Before the release of LubeCoach Pro, if an end user needed expert advice and assistance in optimizing a lubrication program – several weeks of consulting would be required with a price tag that included multiple zeros. 

The rules based functionality of LubeCoach Pro produces consistent recommendations no matter how many individuals perform the data collection and input.   This same functionality significantly reduces individual personnel bias and ensures the program is developed in accordance with management objectives.

For more information about LubeCoach Pro, click here:

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