AMRRI Hires Matt Spurlock as Vice President. Business and Technology Development

AMRRI Hires Matt Spurlock as Vice President. Business and Technology Development FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE (August 12, 2013) – AMRRI (Advanced Machine Reliability Resources, Inc.) is pleased to announce its recent hire of Matt Spurlock, who will join the AMRRI team as Vice President, Business and Technology Development and serve as Senior Instructor and Consultant for the company.

In this role, Spurlock will work to integrate existing technologies and lead the development of new technologies that will result in improved equipment reliability and monitoring. Additionally, Spurlock will help to develop and fine tune methods for in-depth data interpretation of used oil sample test results. These results will be used to allow end users to understand the condition of their industrial equipment allowing for optimization of maintenance practices.

Spurlock brings over 20 years of oil analysis experience to AMRRI. He has developed lubrication and oil analysis programs for manufacturing facilities in Iceland, Canada, and throughout the United States from North Carolina to California. His vast experience in oil analysis includes writing test procedures, designing and managing multiple onsite oil analysis programs, teaching and development of optimized lubrication and oil analysis program design initiatives.

Spurlock served as an Amphibious Assault Vehicle Technician in the US Marine Corps where he utilized oil analysis as a primary troubleshooting tool for diesel engines, transmissions, propulsion systems & hydraulic systems. While in the Marines, Matt won the Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal for managing to keep the fleet of combat vehicles (valued at $32M) at 100% combat readiness while on deployment.

Spurlock is an accomplished instructor in the field of industrial lubrication and oil analysis. He has had numerous articles published in trade magazines, and is considered a thought leader in the field. Matt is CMRP, CLS, MLA3, MLT2, LLA2 certified.

“I’ve known Matt for 12 years and he is a true student of the engineering principles behind our craft. His skills and aptitude for this part of the machine reliability improvement effort coupled with his the hands-on practical knowledge will be of great worth to current and future AMRRI customers.” said Mike Johnson, president of AMRRI. “I’m also excited to have him on board because he brings a unique approach to oil analysis that is destined to set AMRRI apart in the oil analysis sector.”

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