Condition Monitoring Training

One of the most important aspects of oil analysis is simply understanding the data and how to use it.  There are many applications on the market that help with oil analysis data management. Unfortunately, these applications are generally not used to their full potential.

AMRRI is known for a multi-faceted machine lubrication training approach. In addition to the public and private certification training, AMRRI can provide training specific to the following oil analysis applications:

  • Oilview by CSI
  • Oilography by 24/7
  • Maintelligence by DMSI

Hands on training for these applications will include the following topics:

  • Import lab data
  • Test Slate selection
  • Assign global alarms
  • Assign specific alarms
  • Reporting structures
  • Data review

In addition to the training, cursory review of sampling practices will also be performed allowing the end user to fully capitalize on AMRRI’s lubrication consultant / trainer time and resources.