Advanced Lubricant Analysis and Lubricant Based Condition Monitoring Training

Live Online
December 14-17, 2020

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Class Description

This course takes a new direction in bringing advanced lubricant analysis concepts to reliability professionals. Those who wish to take their lubrication knowledge to the next level will find a solid foundation of sampling, analysis, reporting and continuous improvement. While those who will benefit from this class are not limited to ICML certificate holders, the class will cover the Body of Knowledge for MLA-III. In addition to a content-rich presentation of these materials, the live, online instruction will include demonstration and instruction from a working lubricant analysis laboratory. This gives attendees the opportunity to observe the instruments and techniques that are often unseen, and provide the link between the sampling process at the equipment, and the return of analysis results.

This live, on-line course is the most advanced offering available. There is live instruction as well as laboratory involvement for demonstrations of instrumentation, sample preparation, and diagnosis. The course lasts approximately 4 days (36 hours) with breaks. It is also designed to prepare you to take the Machine Lubricant Analyst Level III (MLA III®) is preparation compliant with ISO 18436-4, targets in-plant technicians and engineers responsible for managing the lubricant analysis function. As per ISO 18436-4, you have to have achieved the MLA II prior to being able to enroll to take the MLA III® exam. The cost of the course also includes the ICML exam fee. Exams are offered online through ICML.

The following is the course outline for MLA III®:

    1. Maintenance Strategies
    2. Lubrication Theory/Fundamentals
    3. Lubricant Selection
    4. Lubricant Application
    5. Lube Storage and Management
    6. Lube Condition Control
    7. Oil Sampling
    8. Lubricant health monitoring
    9. Wear Debris Monitoring and Analysis
    10. Lubricant roles and functions (Strong Emphasis)
    11. Oil Analysis Maintenance Strategies (Strong Emphasis)
    12. Lubricant contamination measurement and control (Strong Emphasis)
    13. Program development (Intense Emphasis)

Price: $1,495.00


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