A Vision for Precision Machinery Lubrication

The Indirect Impact: The biggest reason to focus on improvements in this foundational plant practice is to improve plant capacity. Maintenance repair cost reductions may inspire the initiative, and may well justify the costs typically required to achieve substantial improvement. However, regardless of how substantial these benefits may be, they pale in comparison to the value accrued to the organization through dependable, repeatable capacity.

The Direct Impact: Precision Machine lubrication also enhances the direct financial performance of the maintenance practice. Consider this: for every dollar spent on lubricant purchases, a capital intensive manufacturing plant will also spend between $10 and $20 dollars on repairs of lubricated, and their tangent, components.  The site will also spend $3 to $5 dollars on labor for each dollar in lubricant purchases. Analyze your own budget and you will find this relationship to exist.

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