High-Performance Lubricants: Cost vs. Performance

From the purchasing manager’s viewpoint, there can be a fair amount of angst associated with the purchase of high-performance lubricants. This is driven by the combined issues of proof of performance and value vs. the inevitable spike in purchase cost. Proof of performance can be difficult.
It is impossible to see into the invisible gap between the lubricant surfaces in the machine to judge precisely what the material is doing for its obvious price premium.

Even though they carry higher prices, performance products can have lower net use cost. There are several charges incurred with the purchase, handling, storage, use and removal of a lubricant that should be considered in a use cost discussion. Drawbacks to the use of an HP lubricant include issues with incompatibility and seal degradation that can initiate leakage. HP products don’t do a better job lubricating the plant floor than conventional technologies.

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